07 Mar 2015

CF 2015 - Co-Chairperson's Address - Evan Tran

Hello friends,

What current problems are you frustrated with, that you have been trying to solve for quite some time?

When you have a problem that has not been solved for a significant amount of time, we tend to accept it as part of our life, often giving up hope of possible outcomes and submitting ourselves to hopelessness.

Einstein is known to have said "We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them". We all can learn from the renowned genius, by realising that any problems we experience in our life can be solved by simply being able to look at the problem from another perspective.

When I was in high school, before I attended the Children's Festival, I used to have prejudices against a certain ethnic group of peers. Whenever I heard comments that degraded those peers I would have agreed and supported those who shared my prejudices. Personally I didn't feel good while experiencing such anger.

A few years later, I became more involved with the Children's Festival while I held a separate job in Customer Service. I remembered rare cases of complaints about that ethnic group of people were not behaving in a fair manner. Of course I listened to the complaints but in my mind I knew the complainers couldn't see a bigger picture about that ethnic group and so it didn't affect me at all and I continued to serve people from my heart because the Children's Festival has shown me how to appreciate that same ethnic group that I had disliked during high school. Since I have embraced those people I have learnt to love my life more. Problem solved.

Bring your family to the Children's Festival at First Fleet Park to open your heart to new depths and expose yourself to different ideas to solve your problems presented in the form of various cultures on display.

Until next time, Live in Harmony and Play Together.

Evan Tran
Children’s Festival 2015

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