27 Feb 2019

Message of Support for Children's Festival 2019


David ColemanThe Hon. David Coleman MP
Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs

As the Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs, I extend my warmest wishes to everyone celebrating the 21st anniversary of the Children’s Festival in Sydney.

The festival brings together children and families from Australia’s many different religious and cultural backgrounds, while promoting understanding and social cohesion amongst our youngest Australians.

Australia is a stronger nation because of our multicultural heritage. Our nation is full of migrant success stories — people who have helped build our nation. Our diversity has enlivened our communities, enhanced our cultural experiences and strengthened our nation.

Events like the Children’s Festival serve as a reminder of the truly vital role that families play in supporting our young people and shaping the next generation of Australians.

Families pass down the rich traditions of Australia’s many diverse cultures, and nurture and support creativity and curiosity within our children. They help to ensure that we continue to celebrate and embrace our heritage, and preserve our successful and united society long into the future.

I offer my best wishes to all attending the 21st Children’s Festival in Sydney and acknowledge the Children s Festival Organisation for its outstanding work in celebrating diversity in Australia.



RayWilliamsThe Hon. Ray Williams MP
Minister for Disability Services
Minister for Multiculturalism

I extend my best wishes to Thuat Van Nguyen and the team at the annual Children’s Festival in Sydney.

This festival now in its 21st year promotes social cohesion across our state, by celebrating the diversity of cultures that we are privileged to have in our communities.

Over the past 20 years the Children’s Festival has attracted a quarter of a million participants across NSW. The Festival captures a spectacular day of entertainment, traditional expression and dialogue, with over thirty different cultural groups having presented to the festival in 2018.

The NSW Liberals & Nationals are proud to be sponsors of this event, supporting a wonderful initiative that bring us all together.

I wish all attendees a wonderful time and commend the Children’s Festival for its sustained promotion of social harmony in NSW.



SophiCotsisMs Sophie Cotsis MP, Member for Canterbury

I would like to extend my congratulations to the Children’s Festival Organisation on another successful year providing important social cohesion for our local community.

For over 20 years the Children's Festival Organisation has displayed commitment and dedication to ensure that all children in modern Australia grow up proud of their ethnicity, heritage, language and culture.

This orqanisation has had great success not only in our local community but across Sydney which is a fantastic success for its organisers.

I wish your organisation the very best as you forge a new chapter in providing fantastic opportunities for children across our diverse community.

Congratulations and best of luck to the Children's Festival Organisation.



AlexGreenwichMr. Alex Greenwich MP, Member for Sydney

Congratulations to organisers of the Sydney Children's Festival being held again at First Fleet Park on Sunday 10 March.

The Sydney Children's Festival is a practical approach to building a tolerant and inclusive society. I strongly support activities like this that build acceptance, diversity and inclusion, and share your goal of creating a welcoming and inclusive society. I'm proud to represent the tolerant and vibrant Sydney electorate where these values are strong.

The Children's Festival can build cross-cultural connections and understanding, create dialogue to break down them-and-us barriers and prevent conflict based on lack of knowledge and limited experience with others who are different. This is vital at a time when there is an apparent increase in prejudice, fear of others and fear of difference.

The Sydney Children’s Festival is a most welcome part of Sydney's annual events. I commend your efforts and wish you another successful Children's Festival this year.



JihadDibMr. Jihad Dib MP, Member for Lakemba
Shadow Minister for Education

Welcome to the 2019 Children’s Festival and congratulations to the organisers and volunteers who come together year after year for such a wonderful event.

We are a stronger nation when our multicultural communities can come together harmoniously, celebrating their heritage and culture. I believe in encouraging people to be proud and expressive of their diverse cultures, which is why I think the essay writing theme this year-”the beauty of the world lies in the diversity of its people“, is so important.

Thuat Van Nguyan OAM and the Children’S Festival Organisation have continuously contributed to our vibrant community through the Children’s Festival, and I thank them on behalf of the Lakemba Electorate for all of their dedication and hard work.



LordMayorPhoto 220Ms Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney

On behalf of the City of Sydney, I send my congratulations and best wishes to the organisers and participants of the Children’s Festival 2019.

Children’s Festival is a wonderful way of bringing families together to celebrate the diverse cultural traditions of our communities through music and dance, international food and the children’s parade.

The cultural diversity of our communities contributes to the identity and resilience of our city, and I commend the festival organisers for encouraging children and their families to celebrate our multicultural environment under the motto ‘Play Together and Live in Harmony.’

I am sure everyone attending this year’s festival will enjoy the day-long program of entertainment in our magnificent First Fleet Park.

I hope everyone has a great time at Children’s Festival 2019.




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