11 Mar 2015

Message of Support for Children's Festival 2015

VictorDominelloThe Hon. Victor Dominello MP
Minister for Citizenship and Communities Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Minister for Veterans’ Affairs Assistant Minister for Education

The NSW Government, through Multicultural NSW, is pleased to provide funding for the 2nd multicultural Children’s Festival at the First Fleet Park in Sydney.

This important event will take place during the NSW Government’s celebration of Multicultural March – a month long festival of local activities showcasing our state’s cultural diversity.

From its beginnings in Bankstown way back in 1999, the Children’s Festival has grown to become a state wide celebration of young people and a great showcase for their talents.

Under the able and hard-working leadership of Mr Thuat Van Nguyen OAM, the festival has always promoted cultural diversity, bringing together hundreds of families from different backgrounds to build bridges of harmony.

With a wonderful day of traditional performances, food, arts and music, the festival is a terrific celebration of our 215 languages, 245 ancestries and 125 different religious beliefs in New South Wales.

It’s great to see the festival staged in such a prominent location at the First Fleet Park near Circular Quay, and I appreciate the immense contribution that the Children’s Festival has made to community harmony in our state.



SenatorFierravanti-Wells12Senator the Hon Concetta Fierravanti-Wells
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Social Services, Liberal Senator for New South Wales

As Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Social Services, with special responsibility for Multicultural Affairs and Settlement Services, I congratulate the organisers of the Children’s Festival in Sydney for arranging this popular event showcasing Australia’s cultural diversity.

The Children’s Festival is the second to be held in central Sydney after many years of success in Bankstown and each year the festival reminds us of the importance of Australia’s cultural diversity.

Australians of all backgrounds come together so readily to enjoy events such as this.

Australia’s cultural diversity is a source of great social and economic strength, and the contributions of migrants and their families spanning generations have helped create the Australia we enjoy today.

It is at the Children’s Festival we see this next generation celebrating Australia’s unique cultural diversity.

The festival promotes peace and harmony within the community and encourages understanding between different cultures and faiths by teaching children positive values.

This reflects the Government’s commitment to improve the wellbeing of migrants and refugees settling in Australia by responding to their specific needs, and encouraging their independence and participation in the community.

We are committed to maintaining and building a prosperous and cohesive multicultural Australia.

I am sure the children attending will enjoy the festival and I extend my very best wishes to Thuat Van Nguyen OAM and the Children’s Festival Organisation Inc for your dedication.



linda burneyThe Hon. Linda Burney MP, Member for Canterbury

It is with great pleasure that I write to support the 2015 Children’s Festival, this year at First Fleet Park, The Rocks.

I am so proud to represent the vibrant and diverse electorate of Canterbury. The Children’s Festival is a wonderful event celebrating those goals of peace, cultural harmony, understanding and tolerance to which we all aspire.

Our community’s future health rests with today’s children and it is vital that we celebrate their achievements and recognise their capacity to represent the best aspects of our communities.

I would take this opportunity to thank the Children’s Festival Organisation Inc. for  their program and thanks them for their work. I wish them success for the Opening Ceremony and for in their ongoing work.



AlexGreenwichMr. Alex Greenwich MP, Member for Sydney

Congratulations on your second Sydney Children's Festival, and your goal to build a tolerant and inclusive society.

I strongly support acceptance, diversity and inclusion, and share your goal of a welcoming and inclusi\ie Society.

As Member for Sydney, I've been working to improve Child care and education opportunities in the inner city. Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of inner city families with children and in the diversity of those families. I’m proud to represent such a tolerant and vibrant area, and to support your project.

Children's Festivals are a unique way to encourage cross-cultural connections and understanding, and create dialogue that helps break down barriers and prevent conflict.

I’m pleased to attend and speak at the Children's Festival again this year and hope for another successful  event.




LordMayorPhoto 220Ms Clover Moore, Lord Mayor of Sydney

I am proud to support Children’s Festival 2015.

I was honoured to speak at last year’s inaugural Festival. It was fantastic to see children, their parents and carers come together to celebrate Sydney’s diversity and have fun, and I am sure this year’s program will be even more impressive.

I recognise the importance of events like this in encouraging social harmony in our community, and I sfrongly support the Festival’s aim of contributing to a more tolerant sociefy.

I congratulate the Festival organisers for continuing to hold this wonderful community event, which is a great way of bringing together people of all ages to learn, play and to celebrate Sydney’s rich cultural heritage.
Children’s Festival has become an important part of the City’s Living in Harmony Festival program and I hope this continues into the future.

On behalf of the Cify of Sydney, I hope everyone has a great time at Children’s Festival 2015.




Hakan-HarmanMr Hakan Harman, Chief Executive Officer, Multicultural NSW

It is my pleasure to greet the hard-working volunteers of the Children’s Festival Organisation and congratulate them on the successful opening of the Children’s Festival 2015.

Since 1999, the Children’s Festival has provided a platform for young people from many different cultures to showcase their family traditions through music, dance and food.

This year the festival is staged at First Fleet Park in the Rocks, where successive waves of immigrants have stamped their mark on Australian history.

Bringing together many different cultures, the Children’s Festival is an ideal example of our flourishing multicultural society, serving to bring communities together in a celebration of youth.

Thank you to all members of the Children’s Festival Organisation and your sponsors for your efforts over the years in creating a rich, vibrant and harmonious city.

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