04 Apr 2018

CF 2018 - President's Welcome - Thuat Nguyen

It is with immense pleasure that I welcome you all to our Children’s Festival 2018 in Sydney. The year 2018 marks the 20th Anniversary of our Organisation. Twenty nine Children’s Festivals were successfully held by our Organisation in Bankstown, Canterbury, Marrickville and Sydney in the last 19 years, attracting approximately a quarter million participants, and today we are delighted to hold our 30th Children’s Festival in this beautiful First Fleet Park in the heart of the City of Sydney. Hopefully, the 31st Children’s Festival will be held in Campbelltown in August this year followed by the 32nd one in Bankstown in September as planned.

The Organising Committee is delighted with the overwhelming response from so many schools, youth groups and multicultural communities through their enthusiastic participation in the children’s parade and on-stage performances. The participation in the event today of approximately 40 youth groups whose original backgrounds stretch across 5 continents is clearly showing the popularity of, and the support for the Children’s Festival.

The success of our Children’s Festival over the last 19 years has proved that it meets the expectations of our community in so many ways. We strongly believe that children are a starting point in building social cohesion and therefore Children’s Festival is one of the best ways to create harmony in our community as well as to make us feel proud of being Australians. The experience of The Children's Festival has shown that this event is contributing to a more cohesive society and promoting peace in our community.

May I take this opportunity to particularly thank the NSW Government for their very kind support. I would also like to thank Multicultural NSW, Place Management NSW, the City of Sydney, Scouts Australia-NSW, Metro Assist, and all other sponsors for their invaluable assistance.

To all participating groups in our festival today I would like to say thank you for your enthusiasm and dedication. So many volunteers have worked tirelessly in making this festival very successful indeed. It is very heartening to see so many young people, including the international students, play the key roles in organising this year’s Children’s Festival, and set such a wonderful example for the younger generation. I wish that this Festival will give them fond memories of their association with us and will inspire them to continue working for the community wherever they live whether in Australia or in their home countries.

I invite everyone, whatever your background, to join in on this fun-filled day to celebrate who we are and what we are as a very successful and unique multicultural society. I welcome all children, parents and friends to join with me in celebrating the Children’s Festival 2018 in this lovely First Fleet Park in the City of Sydney. Let us all share together this very happy occasion. Have a wonderful day!

Thuat V. Nguyen OAM


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