17 Mar 2015

Children’s Festival: “I am a Proud Australian”

by Sahar Mourad - Mar 16, 2015
Source: El Telegraph Weekend

BulgarianCostumeIzabel and Eva wearing a traditional Bulgarian Costume at the Children's Festival.
Photo: Sahar Mourad

Singing, dancing and a sea of colourful traditional costumes decorated Circular Quay yesterday (Sunday) as children from all around Sydney joined the Children’s Festival celebrations, appropriately themed “I am a Proud Australian”.

After weeks of rehearsal, children were excited to put on a show for their proud parents and experience the festival which included face painting, sand painting, paint ‘n’ umbrella and a petting zoo.

Muhammad and Marwan from Fifth Bankstown Scouts Group, have been attending and actively participating in the Children’s Festival for 10 years.

FifthBankstownScoutMuhammad and Marwan from Fifth Bankstown Scouts Group at the Children’s Festival.
Photo: Sahar Mourad

“We’ve been attending this festival in Sydney, and in Bankstown where it used to be held for 10 years. I have been doing this since I was 12 and since then I have come back every year,” said Muhammad.

Children celebrated their different cultural backgrounds by sharing a common love of traditional dancing. Audiences looked on as children from a variety of backgrounds including India, Indonesia, Bulgaria and China created an uplifting atmosphere for all to enjoy.

IndonesianPerformersIndonesian performers at the Children’s Festival 2015.
Photo: Sahar Mourad

BulgarianDancersBulgarian dancers at the Children’s Festival 2015. Photo: Sahar Mourad

With this being their first time attending the Children’s Festival, Ari and his two children, Clarissa and Tobias, dressed up in traditional Indonesian clothing. “Tobias is wearing the Traditional Indonesian Flores and Clarissa is wearing the Traditional Indonesian Sulawesi,” Ari said proudly.

IndonesianCostumeClarissa, Ari and Tobias at the Children’s Festival in their Traditional Indonesia costumes.
Photo: Sahar Mourad

 According to organisers, the Children’s Festival is an annual event that aims to unite children in a love for their heritage and their country Australia.
“The Children’s Festival is one of the best ways to create harmony in our community as well as to make us feel proud of being Australians,” said organiser Mr. Thuat V. Nguyen.

Disclosure: El Telegraph Weekend is a sponsor of the 2015 Children’s Festival.

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